Episode 124

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Curtis from Geekin’ On WDW joins the show. The guys answer listener questions on topics including temporarily closed attractions, the EPCOT DVC Lounge, a Disney tattoo shop, ideal no park day, favorite picture spot, and a Universal trip. Curtis tells the guys about his favorite food at WDW. The PeopleMover is finally reopening after being closed for a year. The guys announce their secret project. Another Haunted Mansion movie is in production and the guys give their thoughts on what kind of movie it will be. Imagineering has released a video of a realistic free-roaming Groot animatronic character. They are also playtesting a meet and greet with a live interactive tiny Tinkerbell character at Disney California Adventure. The guys address a rumor that Merchant of Venus is closing to make way for the long rumored Wreck-It Ralph attraction.

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